New Branding and Standout Social Strategy

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The client

FRONT (Femmes Regroupées en Options non Traditionnelles) is an organization created by women who support their peers, particularly those interested in pursuing non-traditional trades where women represent less than 33% of the workforce.

The Project

FRONT needed a significant boost to promote its services, including mentoring, networking, mutual support, collaborations, and political advocacy.

Their main objective was to raise awareness about their organization and allow women to discover their offerings through a social media marketing strategy. They also aimed to gather feedback from their service users.
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Our Approach

We quickly realized that to elevate FRONT's brand image to be recognizable, distinctive, and powerful; the organization first needed to revamp its branding.

Although this was not initially part of their request, the clients realized its importance for achieving their goals.


Collaborative modernization with the clients. Their idea of adding the slogan "femmes de métier" (women in trades) reinforced the brand.


Simple and robust, creating a powerful image representing various non-traditional options.


Comprises a symbolic graphic element and typography with dynamic letter angles.


Turquoise replaced the aggressive red, evoking support and renewal. Deep blue instead of black adds a technological and industrial aspect to the visual identity.

These modifications guided us in creating templates for social media posts and redesigning the website.
Simultaneously, we developed a social analysis and advertising strategy tailored to FRONT's target audience.

These led to the implementation of a comprehensive and scalable social strategy. We chose a multi-channel, organic and paid approach to achieve FRONT's discoverability and brand awareness goals.
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The Challenge

FRONT's mission of supporting, guiding, informing, and facilitating access to education for women in non-traditional trades has a high potential for attracting new customers. However, the organization is still relatively unknown.

Our contribution aimed to focus on what is genuinely significant for FRONT to further its mission, including:

  • Gathering testimonials to measure positive impact and identify areas for improvement in their services.
  • Collecting data and statistics that are useful both currently and in the long term to strengthen their purpose with relevant stakeholders.
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The Result

FRONT's refreshed branding now showcases a powerful, relevant, and cohesive image, cementing the organization's credibility. Our efficient social media management has enabled us to gather genuine testimonials naturally.

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