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Being a customer means being part of our team

Being a customer means being part of our team

Solutions in line with your aspirations, and tangible and measurable success.

From the fight against cancer to robotic systems, from finance to NPOs, we've built up considerable expertise over the years working with companies in all sectors.

Our teams work together to deliver the expected results, putting all available planning, creativity, and digital performance technologies to work for you.

People oriented. Simplicity. Performance.

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Focus on people!The key characteristic of a BonBoss-certified manager is that they’re always looking to improve their people skills for the sake of individuals, the team, and the company. This approach is also about establishing a healthy culture and management for each individual and encouraging them in other managers.


Our growth since 2008


Webit won a Boomerang trophy.

3 countries

Some of our colleagues work overseas (France, Algeria, etc.)

Our history

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After obtaining a bachelor's degree in business administration, Alexandre Gagnier studied for a DESS in electronics business. At 24, he founded Webit.

If you ask him today why he chose entrepreneurship, he’ll tell you that it was his vocation. His parents owned their own business, so he grew up around the public and always loved talking to people.


François Nicolas Tremblay, who holds a bachelor's degree in communications, pursued a DESS in electronics business at the same time as Alexandre. One year after the company’s launch, he joined Webit; he felt called by the challenges of entrepreneurship and firmly believed in the web agency’s success.


Third partner, Francis Fréchette, joined the company in 2019. With 15 years’ experience in the digital sector, he opened the door to growth and new opportunities.

Initially, Webit was mainly focused on digital strategy support. As the market and customer needs evolved, web development services were added.


Our agency now has more than 35 high-level specialists working in three digital spheres: development, marketing, and strategy.

Thank you for placing your trust in us

Webit agence lifestyle

Our team's outside-of-the-box world

  1. Cat lovers are in the majority at the agency. We can even see them ‘at work’ during our virtual meetings!
  2. Coffee is the team's drink of choice.
  3. GIFs are an important part of our internal communications.
  4. Our team includes almost every generation: baby boomers, Gen Xers, millennials and even Gen Zs!
  5. Karaoke has become a tradition at our Christmas parties (watch your ears!)
Webit alexandre gagnier president

Alexandre Gagnier

Chairman and CEO - Partner

Webit francois nicolas tremblay associe

François Nicolas Tremblay

Sales Director - Partner

Webit francis frechette associe

Francis Fréchette

Account Manager - Partner

Webit veronique moquette directrice compte 2x

Véronique Moquette

Account Manager

Marie Lyne Riendeau

Marie Lyne Riendeau

Strategic Marketing Director

Webit steeve samson directeur ti

Steeve Samson

IT Director

Webit isabelle poulin directrice artistique

Isabelle Poulin

Art Director

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