For a range of specialist tools, it’s Outils Pierre Berger

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The Outils Pierre Berger universe

Since 1994, Outils Pierre Berger has excelled in tool sales and repair. The company stands out for its team's expertise and passion and its impressive inventory of high-end tools.

With three stores in La Prairie, St-Hubert and Sherbrooke, OPB experts can support their loyal clients in all their projects, large or small.

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We are proud to have supported Outils Pierre Berger

Our task was to create a transactional website with a process automation system, integrating ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software to optimize order management. We implemented this ERP to facilitate, simplify and centralize business operations.

The ERP (Integrated Management Software) that we use, an effective tool provided by our partner Maximum, significantly improves customer service management and our client's productivity, marking a turning point in optimizing its online activities.

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Multisite strategy

To boost online sales, we suggested to our client the integration of multisite functionality on their website, a proposal they welcomed with enthusiasm. Milwaukee was the first company to seize this opportunity, which allowed us to develop a partner page on the OPB website.

The multisite option allows companies like Outils Pierre Berger to refine targeting and personalize the user experience, a crucial asset for driving online sales.

Challenge completed!

Our client now benefits from unprecedented efficiency and expanded sales potential:

A single interface to supervise all your orders in the blink of an eye, thus eliminating the need for manual management and allowing direct communication with customers;

A space where customers can now access the entire catalogue and immediately pay for their order, a truly more structured alternative;

The convenience of the online store, the platform's intuitive use, and flexible online payment options drive potential sales increases.

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