A 360-degree strategy to conquer the Canadian market

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Rao's universe

It is currently one of the most popular sauces in the United States; more than a century ago, the Rao family began their delicious journey into the world of tomatoes.

It all started at their iconic New York restaurant, where their sauce quickly became a star before being potted for the masses.

Carefully prepared in small batches, the famous sauce now reveals its authentic, nutritious and irresistible flavours in Canada.

A taste experience with the traditional taste of Italy in every bite!

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We are proud of the trust that Rao's has placed in us!

When Rao's decided to take the plunge to Canada, to our great pleasure, it was us that they chose to work with.

Our mission? Bringing the brand's seven delicious sauces from the shelves to the grocery baskets of all Canadians. We were there to spread the good news and share these delightful sauces' little secrets with local food lovers!

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Canadian market entry strategy

We had the pleasure of deploying a 360 strategy, thus highlighting all of our expertise.

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To accompany Rao's, we have:

  • Adjusted the tone and visual image specifically adapted to the local market, taking into account the cultural preferences and expectations of local consumers;
  • Carried out a photoshoot dedicated to Canadian recipes and products, highlighting the authenticity and culinary diversity of the local market;
  • Developed a bilingual website specifically for the Canadian market, offering an optimal online experience for both English and French speakers;
  • Orchestrated a strategic advertising campaign across social and programmatic media platforms, maximizing Rao's visibility;
  • Implemented a targeted influence strategy with renowned foodie influencers, thus creating an authentic link between Rao's and the local culinary community;
  • Designed PLV, including discount coupons and dinglers to boost the promotional appeal of products.
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Our challenge

One of our first challenges was raising awareness of Rao's, a brand already rocking the United States here in Canada.

Our objective was clear: to propel Rao's to the top of the discussions while competing against the heavyweights already established on the Canadian scene.

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Challenge completed

We met this challenge with flying colours! Before our intervention, Rao's still needed to be discovered in the Canadian market, even with a few distribution points.

With a 360 strategy, after only 45 days online, here is what we accomplished:


Generating nearly 25 million impressions across Canada with an advertising campaign.


Created a bilingual website intended for Canada that generated more than 40k clicks to the online platform.


Development of an image with Canadian flavours, which generated a little more than 700K interactions with publications on social media.


Launch of an influencer campaign with renowned foodies from English Canada and Quebec, which generated more than 394K organic impressions in total and an engagement rate of nearly 5%.

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