Custom Scalable E-commerce and ERP Solution, Immediate Efficiency Gains

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The Client

Scrapbook Tendance is a crafts business located in the Quebec region. Their loyal clientele is passionate about scrapbooking and enjoys a highly diverse inventory that is constantly refreshed and often available in limited quantities. As such, this small-to-medium enterprise (SME) assists its customers in creating unique and personalized gifts and memories for their loved ones.

Our client is supported by a dynamic team and valuable volunteers. Together, they fulfill countless orders, arranging shipments by mail or preparing items for in-store pickup to accommodate their growing customer base.

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The Project

We were entrusted with developing a transactional website integrated with an automated process system using ERP software for centralized order management.

Indeed, we recognized the need to streamline all operations, as their online store was no longer functional. Order management had been manual within private Facebook groups.

The ephemeral nature of the business, notably driven by seasons and events (e.g., Christmas or Valentine's Day prints), involves extensive searches for new materials, soliciting suggestions from potential customers, handling pre-orders, and providing individual follow-ups for order management, shipping, payments, and inventory.

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Our Approach

Simplicity, ease, and centralization were the guiding principles of our approach. The client already had an order management system. Rather than pulling her out of her comfort zone, we adapted ourselves and aligned with her reality.

We created a transactional website using Magento, a technology known for reliability and scalability. Additionally, we worked closely with the ERP staff she already used. We were able to fully customize it to accommodate the numerous exceptional factors in Scrapbook Tendance's field of activity.

The Challenge

Customizing the ERP software's tailor-made options presented the most intriguing challenge. For instance, managing pre-orders, stocks, order comments, and various payment options (e.g. order and pay upon receipt).

Among the other added customized options were:

  • Utilization of the Messenger plugin for on-site chatting
  • Connection with a POS ERP
  • Handling of backorder and pre-order quantities
  • Creation of reports for order and product management
  • Configuration of various payment methods

We needed to avoid making these parameters restrictive. On the contrary, we ensured conformity on the project's end, allowing updates and platform evolution.

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The Outcome

For the client, this means an immeasurable boost in efficiency and the potential for increased sales:

  • A centralized environment to manage all orders and pre-orders at a glance, without manual handling and with direct communication with customers
  • A platform where customers now have access to all materials and can manage their future orders and payments (or even order and pay later) instead of using Facebook
  • The potential for increased sales through online selling, an easy-to-use system, and online payment and deferred payment options.
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