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Experience Webit Interactive: a dynamic and caring workplace!

Experience Webit Interactive: a dynamic and caring workplace!

Ready to develop your potential?

We’re BonBoss certified for a reason.

We know that a successful agency depends to a large extent on the quality of individuals that make it up.

At Webit, we believe the best talents aren’t those that necessarily have a specific type of educational background but those that have a fabulous attitude and are energetic in the face of challenges.

In other words, send us your CV even (and especially!) if your background is atypical.

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Enjoy being well taken care of!

We can't say it enough. Our employees are central to our growth vision. We are all bound by a common goal: to deliver results, and to do so joyfully. That's why we offer a range of benefits to make everyone feel good about the agency.

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Focus on people! The key characteristic of a BonBoss-certified manager is that they’re always looking to improve their people skills for the sake of individuals, the team, and the company. This approach is also about establishing a healthy culture and management for each individual and encouraging them in other managers.

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Flexible schedule icon
A flexible schedule
Hybrid work icon
Hybrid work
Advantageous group insurance icon
An advantageous group insurance scheme
Vacation icon
Three weeks’ vacation upon hiring
Sick days icon
Four paid sick days
Telemedicine icon
Access to telemedicine
Happy Hours icon
Virtual or in-person Happy Hours
Party icon
Parties to kick back and relax
Lunch icon
Paid lunches
formation icône
Ongoing training
Financial incentives icon
Financial incentives for new colleagues or clients

All this... and more!

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You’re one click away from driving your growth. Together, we’ll create the integrated marketing strategy that fits your reality.

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