Complete autonomy with the development of a website linked to an ERP system

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The world of the MRC Témiscamingue

The Témiscamingue MRC, a jewel of Abitibi-Témiscamingue, where breathtaking nature and community spirit intertwine. Known for its spectacular landscapes, ranging from vast agricultural expanses to dense forests and sparkling lakes, the Témiscamingue MRC is where nature and humans coexist harmoniously. The organization energizes local life through regional management and services designed for everyone.

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We are proud to have supported the MRC Témiscamingue

The MRC had a website that benefited from some improvements over the years. However, they aspired to have a cutting-edge website for excellence and innovation.

Improving the user experience was at the heart of this ambitious project. Focusing on an intuitive and engaging interface, the MRC wanted to ensure that each interaction left a positive and memorable impression, encouraging an extended and repeat visit to the site.

At the same time, the MRC aimed to optimize the communication of news and essential information. It aimed to allow users to access this content, thus ensuring effective, quick, real-time community updates on regional initiatives, services, and events.

The free flow of information was also a pillar of this overhaul strategy. By instilling dynamism and vitality throughout the site, and more particularly on the home page, the MRC planned to create a lively and interactive space.

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Towards new heights, our mission!

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User experience

The considerable information load regarding the content was a significant challenge, if not the main one. Each visitor needed to be able to quickly and easily find the information they were looking for. Their audience, mostly citizens seeking specific answers, deserved a simplified and direct experience.

The autonomy of the MRC

The accuracy of the content on their website was paramount. The content management system (CMS) used by the MRC was to play a critical role in meeting the challenges ahead. Our configuration, specially adapted for the MRC, transformed their CMS into a high-performance working tool once our team set it up.

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A challenge met!

  • Carrying out cutting-edge web development and integration work, creating personalized digital solutions that have revolutionized and enriched the MRC's online presence.
  • Realization of an innovative project in terms of web design, developing a powerful visual identity that reinforced and embellished the organization's brand image.
  • Providing strong expertise in user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), forging an intuitive user experience and engaging interfaces that enhanced interaction and engagement on the digital platform.
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