Tenfold sales: multi-channel strategy and e-commerce redesign

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The Client

The Chief Scientist of Quebec, Rémi Quirion, OC, CQ, PhD, FRSC, has made significant contributions to science, aided by the Fonds de Recherche du Québec (FRQ) support.

During the pandemic, Mr. Quirion's expertise in COVID-19 earned him a spot on Salut Bonjour, which sparked interest from journalists and the general public alike.

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The Mandate

To promote the Chief Scientist's work and the research supported by FRQ, Webit was tasked with revamping the website.

Our objectives were to improve navigation, modernize the design, increase traffic, and encourage social media engagement.

Webit's mandate was also to reorganise and simplify the website tree structure and modernize the artistic direction of the showcase site while respecting the graphic standards of the Quebec government

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Our Approach

To achieve these goals, we gave the Chief Scientist a new visual identity that incorporated sage green and gray-blue to express the analytical aspect of science. The design was clean, serious, and credible, reflecting the qualities of our subject: involved, dynamic, and open.

We also reorganized and restructured the content to make it easier to navigate. The update was developed for optimal user experience and interface design while meeting government graphic and web accessibility standards.

We have made improvements to navigation and content search by completely restructuring and reorganizing existing content. This update was designed in back and front-end to be user-friendly and optimize navigation for clients.

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The Challenge

Our development team simplified the data ecosystem to reduce the workload of the Chief Scientist's staff and ensure their autonomy with the new CMS.

As for the artistic direction team, it has managed to stand out with a unique visual identity and its collaborative sense by combining the result in compliance with graphic standards for government sites.

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The Result

The objectives of the mandate granted by the Chief Scientist have been achieved, and we are grateful to have contributed to discovering the site and the valuable information it contains about science and research in Quebec.

  • The content is now structured and simplified;
  • Navigation is smooth, user experience and interface design are optimized and meet the latest UX standards;
  • The client can be completely autonomous to bring novelty to his site;
  • Our efforts are already bearing fruit in terms of traffic and engagement on social media.
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