Digital strategy to reach growth targets

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The client

For over 25 years, Rinox has been synonymous with high-end, high-performance, durable and premium concrete products. Looking beyond trends, this visionary company is constantly innovating and drawing inspiration from nature to create timeless exterior design products for residential and commercial applications.

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The mandate

  • Redesign Rinox’s website using stable technology with a user-friendly and autonomous management interface, as well as optimal ergonomics and user experience.
  • Update and define a strong value offering adapted to B2B and that targets 5 distinct clienteles.
  • Provide purchase path clarification and support at each step of the conversion funnel.
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While Rinox already boasts a good reputation, especially given the industry’s seasonality, we agreed on the following objectives:

  • Greater discoverability
  • Increased engagement
  • More qualified leads
  • Increased conversions on the new website
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Market(s) and target audience(s)

What makes Rinox special is the variety of customers it serves: B2B – architects, contractors, designers and landscapers – and B2C – homeowners looking for the same type of products.

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The Webit touch

  • Express a value offering that fully meets the informational and technical needs of each target audience.
  • Create a website with a simplified and more intuitive menu and tree structure.
  • Develop content and navigation focused on products and inspiration (lookbook) that avoids documentation overload.
  • Provide each customer with a seamless shopping experience.
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