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Joanie Tremblay and Sandra Felteau are passionate about the audiobook industry. They came to Webit with extensive experience and fueled by entrepreneurship, looking to innovate with a new, proudly Quebec-based audiobook platform.

The fruit of this collaboration was Narra, an online platform that promotes literary fiction authors from the French-speaking world.

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The Client's Request

  • Support to identify the basics of a Francophone audiobook project;
  • Adapt an existing web and application technology platform to the needs and goals of Narra;
  • Implement the brand image created in the 2 technological environments (web and mobile application).
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What We Proposed to the Client

We identified the necessary business and technological requirements, improved the existing platform to enhance user experience, and adjusted Narra’s brand image to comply with web best practices and accessibility standards.

We also created and implemented an email automation sequence for Narra subscribers.

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The Specifics of the Mandate

The challenges we faced included the strict framework of the transactional platform and the digital adaptation of graphic standards (UX, UI, and accessibility).

Despite these obstacles, our team worked creatively and with agility to deliver a functional and visuall attractive product that met the client’s expectations and current UX navigation standards.

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The Webit Result

As a result, Narra now has a more ergonomic transactional platform that respects their brand image and user experience, and we were able to reorganize, optimize and create content for their website.

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Client testimonial

We consulted Webit’s team in the early stages of our project, which was to create an audiobook platform linked to a mobile app, and we couldn't have received better support.

Frankly, Webit was the only agency we met with that was ready to take on this major logistical and technological challenge. The expertise of Francis and his team extended well beyond web development and marketing, and they reassured us at every stage of this major project, which took over two years to roll out.

We especially appreciated the whole team’s flexibility and remarkable ability to adapt. Thank you, Webit; you were crucial to our project’s success!

Sandra Felteau
Co-Founder and General Manager

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