A brand image as striking as its founder

1 Duel branding

The client

Érik Gravel is a serial entrepreneur whose success is the stuff of dreams and the envy of many. In creating his new company – an entrepreneur training and coaching platform – he wants to pass on the knowledge he’s acquired in a results-oriented business coaching format.

Do what others do? No way! That’s not Érik’s approach; he fosters a proactive tack when coaching entrepreneurs. Érik prefers the direct approach. It shakes things up, is confronting and challenging and sets a course for the road less travelled. Like the founder himself, the method exudes wisdom and humility.

With Duel, Érik helps entrepreneurs master new knowledge and skills to navigate business’ ups and downs, including financing, start-up, marketing, business analysis, market research, product creation and importing, among other things.

The Mandate

Brand identity and environment creation:

  • Name search
  • Slogan search
  • Brand positioning
  • Tone
  • Iconography
  • Graphic standards
  • Standards guide
  • Video
  • Logo

We loved the scope of the work that went into getting to know Érik Gravel, the founder of Duel. Indeed, our discussions were delightful. We came armed with questions – some simple, some more in-depth – to uncover Érik's intrinsic values, approach, background, expectations and “Why.”

We discovered a man who kicks down every door necessary and never gives up. He is also a big dreamer whose dreams are very lucid, giving him the means to achieve all his goals.

3 Duel identite marque manifeste
6 Duel identite audience

Market(s) and audience(s)

Duel targets entrepreneurs who are passionate and motivated by their business projects. They're not afraid to put themselves and their strengths and weaknesses under the microscope. They're ready to accept their limiting beliefs, take chances, and surpass themselves.

Whether it's starting up a new business, realizing its growth potential, restructuring, or acquiring new market share, entrepreneurs need the drive to overcome all the obstacles that will inevitably spring up along the way.

To this end, Érik Gravel wants to show his clients that they can take on far greater challenges than they initially thought.


The founder of Duel has three main goals:

  • Becoming a lever for success so other entrepreneurs can enjoy a success story on the same scale as his own. He wants his clients to overcome their fears and take calculated risks to achieve results commensurate with their efforts.
  • Offering original training courses that meet the specific needs of entrepreneurs looking to improve, get motivated and learn more about less traditional professional approaches.
  • Passing on his knowledge and experience, including successes and failures, because every failure shows a way forward. Érik aims to show that, with the right tools and support, you can emerge from an entrepreneurial experience a winner and a stronger person every time.
5 Duel ton redactionnel
DUEL - Entrepreneurs au combat (2023)
7 Duel branding symbole
8 Duel branding iconographie

The Webit touch

The brand image needed to represent Érik’s great inner strength, the soundness of his expertise and his motivating and direct approach:

Name: Duel (representing an individual’s dual nature)
Slogan: Entrepreneur au combat
Logo: A shield to defend oneself, resist, attack, and win
The tone: Accessible and casual. The sharing tone is intimate, details experiences and works in partnership with the entrepreneurs.

We zeroed in on the colours that best reflect Érik Gravel's personality, a duo of colours beyond the usual corporate fare, and illustrate his modus operandi.

Yellow – dynamism, optimism, intelligence, abundance
Black – power, strength, ability, professionalism, power, wisdom, humility

9 Duel guide marque couverture
10 Duel guide marque
11 Duel logo beachflag

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