Digital awareness campaign outperforms by 1000%

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Ride the Starfrit wave of novelty

Last spring, Starfrit launched the new collection featuring WAVE.TEC technology, The Rock Wave, as an addition to its The Rock range.

Starfrit reached out to us to create a digital awareness campaign aimed at making this new product discoverable by audiences in three distinct markets.

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Number of impressions: Build awareness of the additional brand The Rock Wave

Number of clicks: Increase qualified traffic to the new Rock Wave landing page.

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  • French-speaking Quebec (20%)
  • English-speaking Quebec (20%)
  • Ontario (60%)
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  • 25-45 years of age
  • Young families trying to make their time spent in the kitchen easier
  • New homeowners looking for high-end, yet affordable, kitchenware.
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We invested budgets wisely in platforms that offer the lowest CPM to ensure maximum visibility.

  • DV360 (Display, YouTube)
  • Meta (Facebook et Instagram)
  • TikTok

To make a significant impact on the target audience, we relied on non-traditional banner formats and added an increasingly used vertical video format.

Webit real starfrit wave 09

46 %

of site visits by our target group, with an average time of over two minutes

1000 %

increase in site visits for all major Ontario cities, with average time exceeding four minutes

1000 %

over the number of clicks forecast

223 %

over the number of impressions forecast

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