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The mandate

Éducaloi is a non-profit organization dedicated to making access to the legal system easier and better for the entire population. The organization delivers legal content in a clear and effective manner to the four million users it reaches annually. This content is available through various formats, including web articles, videos, special features, news and so forth.

Éducaloi monitors legal issues carefully to ensure that it offers users quality information. The website provides more than 1,000 pieces of legal content that are available online for free.

Éducaloi needed to develop and program its new website. Webit’s mandate also consisted in configuring a content management system aimed at increasing the organization’s autonomy.

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The challenge

The Webit development team had to plan carefully to deal with a number of issues. Since Éducaloi generates a lot of content, choosing the right management system was central to ensuring their autonomy. By using WordPress, a rights-free and easy-to-use solution, we were able to roll out a solution that streamlined Éducaloi’s creation workflow.

At the same time, it was critical to maintain Éducaloi’s visibility on search engines over the years. Given the website’s high traffic, choosing the most appropriate hosting server to maximize the site’s speed was also central to our approach.

Our approach

This project was carried out using Gutenberg and entirely programmed by the Webit team.

Throughout the project, we provided Éducaloi with guidance and recommendations to ensure they got a high-performance website.

Éducaloi had to migrate its content since a new website platform was used. The new browsing experience required our team to configure the Gutenberg modular layout tools. In so doing, we were able to grant greater autonomy and flexibility to the organization. This configuration will also allow Éducaloi to enhance the value of its content.

Advanced performance metrics (KPIs) make it possible to analyze the files and content internet users consult most.

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