Virtual bar, chatbot and digital campaign - 110% of the objective achieved

Canadian Cancer Society

Canadian Cancer Society

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The mandate

What is the Nico-Bar?

The Nico-Bar is an initiative of the Canadian Cancer Society which aims to sensitize people between 18 and 24 years old about the negative effects of nicotine on their body to encourage them to quit smoking. This awareness is possible thanks to the Nico-Bar’s cocktails, its toxic atmosphere and the experience of the effects of nicotine on the appearance.

This year, the Nico-Bar is a 100% online experience thanks to a challenge on Messenger and a virtual bar, compared to the school tours of the last few years.

Nico bar perspective app screens mock up

The virtual experience of the Nico-Bar

For the new Nico-Bar website as well as its virtual bar, our team established an artistic direction that was in harmony with the results obtained during the focus group in order to better reach our target audience.

The virtual bar includes different sections; a bar with different cocktails made from the ingredients of a cigarette, a fridge that must be unlocked in 20 seconds and bathrooms where you can use a filter to see the effects of nicotine on your skin. Visitors end their visit to the bar by taking a fun quiz.

Each section highlights the three key messages of the Nico-Bar: the addiction, the effects on appearance over time and the toxicity of nicotine

Nicobar chatbox 1

Creating a filter

In the bar’s bathrooms, visitors can apply a filter on their face to see the effects of nicotine on their skin after a few years of smoking.

To create this filter, our team used augmented reality and 3D modeling. Once applied to a face, the filter yellows the skin, shrinks the eyes and amplifies the natural defects of the face in order to properly represent the effects of nicotine. One of the challenges encountered during this design was to adapt the filter to all skin tones.

The Nico-Bar challenge

In order to help smokers quit smoking, the Nico-Bar offers a 7-day challenge with several cash prizes for the winners. It is possible to register as a smoker and quit smoking during all 7 days of the challenge or to register as a companion and help a smoker friend to complete their 7 day challenge.

The challenge is easily accessible on Messenger thanks to a chatbot and a conversational path created on ManyChat. This chatbot offers automated support and information to participants by sending them messages during all 7 days of the challenge.

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