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Web design trends to watch out for in 2023

By Webit Interactive

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Design and colour trends: neutrality and austerity are out

Say “Goodbye!” to the neutral colour palette and clean, minimalist website designs of recent years.

The uncertain post-pandemic and economic outlook has inspired bolder creation and designs.

2023’s key colour – Pantone Viva Magenta

Webit 02 H3 La couleur dominante 2023

Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year is vibrant Viva Magenta (18-750). As Pantone says, it’s an unconventional, multi-dimensional, transformative shade of red for an equally unconventional time.

Among other things, Viva Magenta symbolizes strength, courage and fearlessness, exuberance and optimism. It’s also powerful, organic and boundless. Any brand that uses this colour shows a great deal of freedom of spirit, a very human side, new ideas and a great deal of boldness.

This hue can be part of your accent palette, refresh your logo or reinforce your brand image without being overbearing. Sharing your ideas with a creative and design agency can breathe life into compelling new concepts to update your visual identity.

The colourful palettes of the 90s and 2000s

Webit 03 H3 Les palettes colorees des annees 90 2000

Beyond this year's dominant colour, palettes are full of bright and unconventional shades. The splashy graphic compositions of the '90s and 2000s are making a comeback, combined with extra-large typography and Pop Art-inspired images and colours.

This style is perfect for creating impactful advertising campaigns where your brand allows, as frankly, not all trends are appropriate for all businesses. Your graphic artists and design experts are uniquely qualified to advise you on how to strike the right balance between the latest trends and your marketing objectives.

Motion design – 3D animation

Motion design remains dynamic but is evolving towards immersive 3D to keep pace with the metaverse's growing popularity. Short animations focus on the fun and lighthearted side to:

  • Grab attention.
  • Make the browsing experience more interactive.
  • Create an engaging sensory experience.
  • Make people want to continue exploring a website.

Graphic compositions

Get ready for a large-scale, colour-infused feast for the eyes! Traditional graphic compositions and digital and traditional campaigns are tending to a maximalist mash-up.

and vector (photo and illustration) are merged, space is taken up, and bright colours, imposing typography, texture and abstract gradations are used. The return of the textured effect of Risograph printing, a technique that straddles the line between offset and screen printing.

2023’s optimal user experience (UX/UI)

Webit 04 H2 Experience utilisateur optimale en 2023

It’s become clear that responsive mode is a priority for any website and integral to an optimal user experience (UX/UI).

Internet users look up, evaluate, compare and buy on their phones. They spend more time interacting with a small screen, and it’s to your advantage to ensure fluid navigation by guiding them in a smart way, step by step, from the beginning to the end of your conversion funnel.

Moreover, increased screen time opens the door to one of 2023’s big new features: custom dark mode. While dark mode is commonly used for apps and operating systems, it’s now being extended to websites.

Dark mode is available for companies looking to offer users a choice. However, carefully consider this add-on to ensure your visual identity remains consistent when tones and accents are reversed on your site

Web accessibility for the visual and hearing impaired

In 2023, web accessibility for people with visual or hearing disabilities joins the UX experience through a thought process that requires a very rigorous, practical approach.

This approach consists of streamlining a website's structure so that, when it's in accessibility mode, only essential content and graphic elements remain while the sales funnel is maintained.

This component is now highly recommended – in fact, depending on your industry, it may even be required by law – and should be part of your marketing strategy action plan. It’s essential to rethink your message and objectives and restructure how they are communicated so information is accessible to as many people as possible.

Adapting your brand image to 2023’s design trends

After reading about the latest trends in this article, do you have the sudden urge to revamp your design, update your brand image or create bold marketing campaigns?

Keep the key points of the 2023 trends in mind:

  • Vibrant colours: Viva Magenta, 90s and 2000s
  • Maximalist designs and far-out graphic concepts
  • Human-oriented, resilient and bold elements in the face of the current economic context and unconventional times we live in
  • The new customized dark mode option
  • An improved user experience (UX/UI) through integrated accessibility

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