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The pin's power: Pinterest to boost your 2024 strategy

By Webit Interactive

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In 2024, marketing and social media experts predict that the Pinterest craze will reach new heights. As we navigate through an ever-evolving digital age, the platform stands out as a go-to source of inspiration, capturing the imagination of millions of users around the world.

Pinterest has evolved and become much more than just an image-sharing platform. In 2024, it positions itself as a forward-thinking social media, advocating creativity and discovery, bringing together a global community of creators, entrepreneurs and enthusiastic users sharing common interests.

Start the year off right and explore Pinterest's growing impact on the digital landscape with us.

Reach your target at each stage of the purchasing journey

On Pinterest, your target wants to be inspired. From the first search, users can explore many ideas and products, creating valuable opportunities for brands to get noticed. As users refine their preferences, Pinterest facilitates targeted searches, allowing brands to appear naturally.

Once the user has precisely identified their needs, Pinterest shines at the consideration stage, allowing brands to showcase their products engagingly. Boards, pins and videos create visual immersion, promoting conversion thanks to a strong connection with the target.

At the conversion stage, Pinterest encourages action through product pins and direct links (drive-to-web) to the brand's website. Therefore, generating new sales opportunities while increasing site traffic is possible.

Pinterest users are more likely to shop online and spend an average of 30% more than other platform users.

Pinterest becomes an essential partner, guiding brands through each stage of the target's purchasing journey and guiding users in their search for inspiration and solutions. It's a platform where discovery, consideration and conversion merge seamlessly, allowing businesses to build meaningful connections with their audiences.

Pinterest: an ally for your organic and paid content

When the user launches a search on the platform, Pinterest's algorithm presents them with thousands of results based on the keywords used, thus acting like a real search engine.

Knowing that 97% of searches on Pinterest do not contain any brand name, the keywords found in the description of your pins must be chosen carefully so that your content appears in your target's searches.

Each Pin's descriptions, keywords, links, and images impact your brand's organic SEO. Everything must be written and designed to meet your target's needs, inspiring and providing relevant solutions.

Pinterest generates 10 times more off-platform brand searches.

Pin links to your website also significantly impact your brand's SEO. Indeed, Google considers these links as backlinks. In the eyes of the search engine, these are recommendations from a credible authority site. These backlinks, which can bring significant traffic to your site, help improve your website's SEO. Investing in a Pinterest strategy will, therefore, have a positive impact not only on your content but also on your site's SEO.

Regarding paid content, Pinterest Ads will be your best ally. Thanks to a user-friendly platform, it is possible to create campaigns or sponsor a Pin to:

  • Gain notoriety (objective: brand awareness)
  • Promote your videos (objective: video view)
  • Increase traffic to your website (objective: consideration)
  • Increase your sales (objective: conversions)
  • Sell ​​your products on Pinterest (objective: catalog sales)

Depending on your objective, targeting a specific audience to promote a single or several products and increase sales is possible. Your audience can be personalized on several levels:

  • People who have already interacted with your brand
  • People who don't know you yet
  • Commitment
  • Website visitors
  • Act-alike customers
  • Interests and keywords
  • Demographics (gender, age, location, language, device, etc.)

By personalizing your campaigns, you will reach more potential customers, consolidate your relationship with current customers and grow your brand.

Once launched, you can easily track the statistics and performance of each campaign directly in Pinterest Ads. Pinterest Business Manager is also where you can manage and adjust your investments according to the results obtained.

New feature: Try On

Pinterest recently unveiled a new feature coming just in time for 2024: Try On. Its name says it all; this feature uses augmented reality to allow users to try products virtually, for example, clothing, jewelry, makeup, decorative accessories, etc.

Currently, Try On is only available in the US and UK. Fingers crossed that this feature will be deployed in Canada later this year!

2024 trends, according to Pinterest

For 2024, the platform presents its forecast, including many bold, daring and original ideas!

Here are some of the trends predicted by Pinterest:

  • Cute Coins or the art of personalizing your piggy bank and bank cards.
  • Give a Scrap means adopting a responsible consumption mode.
  • Melty Mashups, treat yourself with this all-new food fusion adored by Boomers and Gen X.
  • Groovy Nuptials, say hello to retro and 70's-inspired weddings.
  • Make It Big, or XXL fashion, including jewelry, hair and oversized accessories.

To discover all the other Pinterest Predicts for 2024, it's right here.

Pinterest: a key element of your social strategy

Pinterest is an essential platform to add to your 2024 social strategy. In addition to generating new sales opportunities, it allows your brand to connect differently with your target and build a relationship of trust with them. This ability to inspire, offer solutions and respond to user needs makes Pinterest an indispensable companion in the quest for discoveries and innovative ideas.

If Pinterest isn't yet part of your social strategy, 2024 is the perfect time to add it. And we can help you do it! Let's talk about it over a cup of coffee.

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