Multi-channel awareness campaign - 223% impression overrun

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The mandate

Starfrit is a Quebec company based in Longueuil. It offers a wide range of innovative and quality kitchen equipment that meets the needs of all good food lovers.

Webit’s mandate was to create an online advertising campaign aimed at generating as much exposure and impressions as possible for The Rock Multifunctional product.

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The challenge

The main challenge of this mandate was to create a campaign that respected all the client’s needs. The main elements that needed to be taken into account were:

  • The campaign’s duration: 45 days
  • The budget spread over 3 territories: 60 % in Ontario, 20 % in Quebec and 20 % in the rest of Canada
  • The budget by platform: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and display
  • The campaign’s bilingualism: English and French
  • Two simultaneous campaigns: the first one “Win time and space” and the contest as the second one to obtain more email addresses in their database
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Our approach

Since our client wanted to have more notoriety than conversions, we chose the platforms for the campaign based on the number of impressions they would bring.

As the campaign’s duration was short, we planned frequent optimizations to always ensure the best possible results.

In the end, the results of the campaign were:

  • 34,842,048 impressions
  • 9,775 newsletter subscriptions
  • A 113% increase in website visits, all provinces combined
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